Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Class is filled!

Got word from one of the Hardy County Women's Craft Retreat organizers that my class has reached its maximum quota: Six ladies who have signed on for a watery adventure next weekend, beginning on Oct. 2.

Susan also told me I have one of the biggest classes. Not sure if I am pleased or worried about that added pressure ;-)

I've got another iris miniature in progress as I warm up for the class. I'll get that posted soon.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Iris miniature

Work on the painting of my dad's house has come to another screeching halt. Can't carve out a large enough chunk of time to focus on the project, so I'm back to quick miniatures, part of my exchange with my friend Mary.

I think I've painted this same iris six times since May. Each miniature has been very different. So that's been fun, to take the same source and add something new to it each time. I understand now why some artists love to paint series. This is my version of a mini-series.

I like the super-bright highlights on the edges which make this flower look backlit. The source photo shows the bloom in soft, even light, so I'm pleased to create my own reality for this scene.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

ROUGH drawing

Here's a rough drawing that sets up the horizon line, lighting angle, and main composition elements of "Our House," so to speak. This is the project I've doing for my dad -- that's taking me years to complete.

I may yet tighten the frame, and eliminate some of the extra foreground space. But finally, I have something down on paper.

I do like the lighting angle, though. I think it will add a golden glow to large areas, and contrast nicely with cooler shadows, particularly in the large pine next to the house. I imagine this as late afternoon, early evening light.