Wednesday, August 28, 2013


"Sunlit" - 8"x8"

Another completion in the Wardensville series...with many more yet to go.

I'd like to talk a little bit about why I'm working on this series. I first mentioned the idea in a blog post last year (read it here), and to recap, I am focusing on scenes that I think we all overlook.

It's completely understandable that this happens, by the way. It's simply part of living in a space, whether it's as small as your desk at work or as large as your community, and becoming so familiar with the space that you become blind to it.

It's only when there is something out of place, whether it's something that's new, something that is changed, or something that is removed, that you pause and take note.

So the space that I'm focusing on is the community in which I live. So far, the most successful parts of the series, in my estimation, have been "Red Shed" and "Shadow Play" and "Side Alley." I think these scenes are all somewhat surprising, and it may take even longtime residents a few moments of reflection to recognize the locations. And when they do, I hope they enjoy a different perspective of the scene, even if it only lasts for a few moments.

Obviously, not every person seeing these paintings will know where they come from. After all, Wardensville is a very small town. So I still have to entertain those people as well, and for them I must develop compositions that are pleasing and balanced.

I really am enjoying this notion of finding the extraordinary in the everyday. I hope you may also wish to reassess the spaces around you...and find something valuable in the process.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Old Glory

"Old Glory" - 8"x8"
I'm still working on the paintings for the Wardensville series, and trying to get enough of them done that I can do a little display at the Wardensville Alumni Dinner in September, to complement the benefit auction of my "Warriors Win" painting.

I've run into all sorts of problems with the three most recent paintings in the series. Often it seems I spend more time scrubbing pigment off the paper than putting pigment down. I hope it's just a phase and I can snap back into some more efficient painting soon. Right now, I feel really tentative with what I'm doing.