Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ivy League

"Ivy League"  - 20"x14"
 The masking fluid mess turned out to be a successful painting, so the extra effort was worth it this time.

I'm beginning to find that I like the combination of hard edges, consistent with a classic poster art appearance, and the soft willy-nilly look of painting watercolors wet-into-wet.

In the case of this painting, I see that juxtaposition most in the areas of the vine where the reds, yellows and greens literally run through an area of leaves. The outlines created by the leaf shapes against a darker background make those leaves individual, but the variable flow of color within the joined silhouettes make them a unit.

If you'd like to see some images of the painting while in progress (and with all that icky masking fluid all over the leaves), here they are!