Saturday, May 18, 2013

Side Alley

Side Alley - 8"x8"
So another piece of the Wardensville series is done. I really like the colors with this one...perhaps Bill Vrscak is right with his limited split primary palette! I know that I really struggle with mixing greens, so I want to play with this concept more and see if it helps solve some problems that have halted my progress on some paintings.

Now, regarding my news about this addition to the small showing of the paintings at the Wardensville High School alumni dinner in September, I am donating one painting to the Wardensville Scholarship Fund Association. I'm still not sure if they have decided on a silent auction, a live auction, or on chances, but the proceeds from the sale of the donated painting will benefit the scholarship fund.

The subject of this painting will be the old Wardensville School -- I won't reveal more than that yet. Stay tuned to see how it looks!

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