Friday, January 21, 2011

Pinnacle recap

Back in the fall, I mentioned my class at the women's retreat at Hardy County's Camp Pinnacle.

This was one of the painting projects my students completed.

I paint example paintings and have the students work from them, rather than from photographs. I think it is harder for a person learning to paint watercolor to juggle the medium and the translation of a photographic image into a panting. So the students have my interpretation of reality to work from, so they can concentrate on the medium itself.

The crock painting was a hit with several of the retreat's organizers, many of whom are involved with 4-H. Camp Pinnacle's primary function is as the county 4-H camp, and plans were already underway for a silent auction a few weeks after the retreat to benefit 4-H programs.

So my painting became a donation for the silent auction. I'm an old 4-Her myself, so I truly appreciate what the program means to children in West Virginia.

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