Sunday, January 18, 2015

Painting-Posting Challenge 2

"Top of the Morning" - 2014

"See's Motel Sign" -  2004

"Polly's Porch" -  2000
So here's another theme....this one being a particular house on Main Street in Wardensville, W.Va.

I first painted the porch of the house years ago when Polly Peer still lived there. She always had wonderful flowers on the porch and the bright colors and the ornate wood trim were a visual delight.

I next included the house in a painting of Main Street Wardensville with the old See's Motel sign as the focal point, but in truth it's the house that's the star of the show.

Finally, as part of my current Wardensville painting series, I did just the side gable of the house, cropped tightly, so I could focus this part of the structure's wonderful wood trim. Polly passed away in 2007 at age 98, but even now, I still think of this ornate landmark as Polly Peer's house.

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