Monday, January 11, 2010

Final changes for Jason and Miki

At this point I continued to work on defining elements of the house, darkening the porch area, adding the stone textures around the base of the house and porch, strengthening the cast shadows, etc. I also added the shrubbery around the house and added highlights and shadows to the foliage.

I also removed the masking from the porch railings and step handrails, and added the fine details in the windows.

Here's the final image of the house, with the foliage in the background darkened. I used a bit of splatter in the second stage of the foliage, and carefully masked off the house and portions of the sky to safely add the splatter. Simple pieces of cut and torn paper fulfilled that need.

I have placed a transparent watermark across the house, so the strange highlights in the porch are part of that watermark.

A message from Miki indicated that they were happy with the house portrait, so that always pleases me.

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